40k Crusade: Crux Stars Campaign

“God Emperor save me from another such victory.”

– Lord Admiral Zinovy Nebogatov, lamenting the aftermath of retaking the Crux Stars in late M39. Nebogatov would be relieved of command 1 week after the final engagement.

Coat of arms of the Crux Stars sector. Featuring an imperial eagle, an artistic take on the major star systems and a laurel of victory made of golden Cruxian wheat on a field of green.

Current Campaign Status

Round 5 Week 2

The fighting this week was brutal, with the Imperium and Chaos forces finding themselves equally matched. Imperial domination of Wellesley XI was nearly broken and chaotic forces finally found their bloody foothold on Eden IV solidifying for the first time.

Seeing a gap in the Imperial lines, the Sons of Horus unleashed their demonic assets en-mass against the Templars of the Akkat crusade. The fighting here has reduced the mining world to a series of battlefields where the world’s dust, raw liquid promethium and split blood have mixed to create a mire of mud and misery.

“They just would not die, even when we struck them down with ruinous blows they would hit us back with furious spite as their life left their bodies, dooming both their killer and themselves to be increased a tomb of mud.” – Unknown Sons of Horus Astartes, Wellesley IX campaign.

Both sides met with religious fervour, clashing in the ruins of Wellesley’s capital, with the templar warmachines Roseus and Cerebrum marching fearlessly towards Davide’s lines, each unleashing devastating volleys of macro plasma fire.

After a protracted fight that led to Astartes on both sides running their ammo dry and beating each other to death in the mud, the Sons of Horus narrowly prevailed with Davide himself reaping an impressive tally on the Templars elite, breaking the loyalist line and allowing the Sons of Horus to win back the momentum of the battle.

Each of the templars extracted had a bloody price. Every single one of the Sons of Dorn’s death was met with furious bursts of vicious spite, dragging down their would-be murderer and inflicting grievous blows. Davide himself would be almost drowned in the mire by the fury of the dying Templar Bladeguard, forcing him to quit the field.

So while narrowly victorious, the Sons of Horus were exhausted by the templar’s grinding defence. Desperate, the traitors called on the Fallen to exploit the gap created and finally wrestle the planet back to a stalemate.

In a normal military campaign, this would have been a rousing success but this was the Crux and therefore fate had other ideas. Racing to catch the retreating Imperials, an eerie crack of green lighting struck the ground, a sole Necron, bedecked in malformed gold levelled his weapon and the sky erupted in a green light, plunging a force of bloodied Necrontyr in the path of the Astartes. The war had not been kind to the already degenerating minds of Ithakas dynasty, with what little remained of their undying legion falling to the flayer virus or the predatory destroyer cults.

The destroyer host struck out aggressively, urged on by Borakka and Oltyx and expecting easy success, the lokhust heavy destroyers maneuvered while raining fire on Valkyrion’s rhino, forcing the Fallen Angel to take to the field on foot.

Anticipating an armoured counterattack, the Vindicator laser destroyer Valkyrion’s Hammer had laid in wait, hiding in the ruins of the city and seeking to cover the main advance. Seeing an unexpected but welcomed target it opened fire, a lance of pure light leapt out of its main gun and reduced the Lokhust heavy destoryers to atoms.

With that, the battle was well and truly joined. The remnants of the destroyers fell upon them exposed Lord of the Fallen, critically wounding Valkyrion before he was evacuated from the field.

The Fallen launched a brave counterattack only to find themselves drowned by a chittering mass of flayed ones that launched a pincer strike on the opposite flank while an endless horde of bloody horrors crawled from a howling dimensional rift to fall upon the unsuspecting heavy support in the rear.

With the battle clearly lost, the Fallen staged a fighting retreat, vowing vengeance against the ravening hordes of the Bone King.

With this stalling of momentum Wellseley’s Imperial defenders found enough time to reinforce their defences, preventing frustrated chaotic forces from exploiting their gains.

The Templar crusade relocated to Eden, seeking to recuperate and then reinforce the Imperial defence of the paradise world they instead found the Thousand Sons of the Legion of Ash waiting for them. Chaplain Akkat and his Black Templars rallied quickly and landed en mass on the planet.

The Thousand Son’s Sanakht, Lord of Duplicity, Blade of Fate, Assassin of Heroes, exploded onto the field with the speed and ferocity he was becoming infamous for among the forces of the Jai System. Launching himself forward in a dazzlingly risky strike, he laid low Akkat himself with a psychic fusillade, before disappearing in a cloud of warp energy.

The battle then pinwheeled on its flanks. On the right the Hands of Tzeentch Terminators, led by the exalted and Menkaura added to their reputation of being one of the most terrifying units currently in the Crux, weathering an almost impossible amount of fire as they reaped a bloody toll on the Astartes.

On the left, Black Templar Redemptors echoed their actions on Wellseley IX. The fighting pair fired volley after volley of devastating plasma fire, leaving naught but the ruined corpses of cultists and Rubrics alike as they strode forward.

Sanakht, heeding the mental call of his warriors, blazed across the battlefield to stop the Emperor’s Champion and his Bladeguard from exploiting the gap created by the dreadnought’s efforts. As they fell, ruined by warp powers, Sanakht began to give a great rousing speech to his army.

The only warning he had was the whirring of weapons spinning up and capacitors charging before the mighty dreadnaughts decimated him with withering fire. While he managed to escape through a warp portal before they could kill him completely, he left further ruins of his armour and yet another grim reminder of why he should never pause in battle.

With the Thousand Sons narrowly clinching victory, Eden IV slid into control of the Chaos powers and as the war entered its endgame, both sides found themselves in a mirrored deadlock.

Time will tell who will finally prevail.

Round 6 Week 0

Current Force Disposition:

Forces of Order:

Saint Elma’s Flame Of Wrath

Army: Army of Faith (Black Templar/Order of the Valorous Heart)
Leaders: Paragon Of Ardeo Reclusiarch Pete & Saint Elma Fudd
Faith: Divine Piety – The Apostles of Her Burning Tears And The Infinite Contained Lake Of His Forgiveness
Faith: 0
Current PL: 70/70

Macrossian Knights

Army : Imperial Knights (House Raven)
Leaders: Knight Commander Huntress
Faith: ??? – ???
Faith: 0
Current PL: 50/50

The Gan’da’mu Of Bor’kan

Army: Tau Empire (Bor’kan)
Leaders: Sho’va Claudess
Faith: Purity of Dedication – Peace though superior firepower and trickery
Faith: ?
Current PL: 53-55

Chaplain Akket’s Crusade

Army: Space Marines (Black Templars)
Leaders: Chaplain Akket
Faith: ???
Faith: ?
Current PL: ?

Imperial Guard Regiments

Army: Astra Militarum
Leaders: ??
Faith: ?
Current PL: 50-50

Forces of Chaos

League Of Imperium Veritas

Army: Chaos Space Marines (Sons Of Horus – Black Legion)
Leaders: Imperator Davide, Praetor Kaytuk
Faith: Dark Fervour – The True Imperium, Horus the betrayed saviour of man.
Faith: 0
Current PL: 63/70

Order of the Shrouded Sword

Army: Chaos Space Marines (Fallen Angels)
Leader : Valkyrion – The Twice Scorned
Faith: Purity of Dedication, Expose the Grand Lie of the Unclean
Faith: 0
Current PL: 52/55

The Legion Of Dust

Army: Thousand Sons
Leader : Lord Sanakht
Faith: ??
Faith: 0
Current PL: ??


The Yl’Dritch Storm

Army: Aeldari (Iyanden)
Leaders: Autarch Yranar, Farseer Ashenel, Seer Council Of The Ring
Faith: ??? – ???
Faith: 0
Current PL: ???

Death Cult of Ithacus

Army: Necrons (Ithcaus – Custom Dynasty)
Leader: Oltyx, The Flayer King
Faith: ??? – ???
Faith: 0
Current PL: ??

Dynasty Of Sautekh

Army: Necrons (Sautekh)
Leader: Imotekh The Stormlord
Faith: ??? – ???
Faith: 0
Current PL: ??

The Rules

Army Creation

  • Starting Crusade Roster will be 50PL but games will be played using Points.
  • Psychic powers can be taken and cast multiple times (open play style) but the cast value goes up like smite.
  • One of your HQ or LOW slots can start with 6xp. This represents the leader of your crusade force.
  • Special Characters are allowed, keep in mind they don’t get xp and gain Battle Honors etc. Any relics and warlord traits still increase your Crusade Points for that battle where appropriate.
  • WYSIWYG Close Enough is Good Enough. Remember to brief your opponent before the game
  • Multiple armies are welcome, feel free to bench a team and try something new.
  • Starting games ideally around 500-750 points.

Army Upgrades

  • All Battle Honors (upgrades) will be rolled where possible. On D6 tables, roll 2d6 and pick what you like, on D3 tables, roll once.
  • If you roll a trait you already have or have the same result on both dice, reroll the affected dice.
  • If you roll a pair of traits that is totally useless, as the campaign organisers for a reroll.
  • Battle Scars – roll 1 die. If you have an idea that suits, talk to the campaign organisers.
  • When/if your codex drops, you get a free one off re-spec for your entire army allowing you to use the new stuff from the book in question. You keep your current XP for every unit and reroll all Battle Honors, Battle Scars and Crusade Relics etc.
  • If you wish to do something drastic like swapping a unit a new option in the codex, ask the campaign organisers.
  • Spend 2RP to re-spec a unit/character’s Battle Honors and they must miss your next game as they are off training/meditating etc. Their XP is also reset back to the beginning of their current rank. ie Blooded Rank is 6-15 XP, Steve is 9XP, respeccing drops Steve back to 6XP.


Crusade isn’t perfect. Sometimes there will be edge cases not handled by the rules. You can find the ones we have found so far and the fixes applied here.

Underdog Status

For every 5 Crusade points your opponent has over your current points, your units gain an additional xp for taking part in that battle.

Example: Dave plays against Terry. Dave’s Crusade points for the army he is fielding is 4, Terry’s is 24. At the end of the game each of Terry’s units each gains 1+4 XP for taking part.

Giving Your Army Some Narrative

The Crux stars have been deliberately made to accommodate just about any force, Imperial, Chaos, Xenos or otherwise.

Read on to find out more about the sector. Below is a living document that will chronicle the wars waged in this sector of space. If you have lore for your army, let me know and I’ll add it to the site.

Current Season: Holy War For The Jai System

The Jai System. Late M41 Post Rift.

Kickoff date: March 19th

End date: 2 weeks after the next season goes up on preorder.

Marshall your forces. 

  • 2 major alliances, Chaos and Imperium.
    • Switching sides will pretty much be a no-no unless you can organise a swap with someone on the other side. However, you could swap out your crusade roster for another.
  • Gav’s Eldar will be seeking to ensure the campaign ends in a stalemate, causing a massive amount of death to power the slumbering Ynnead. 
    • To aid this, the Eldar may consider themselves to have both the Imperial Alliance and Chaos Alliance keyword for the duration of the campaign for picking relics, traits etc. During each game, the Eldar will take on the opposite keyword to what they are facing. Ie. Chaos when playing Imperials, Imperials when playing chaos.
  • Jacob’s Necrons will be seeking a strict order of planets, one being Imperium Dominate, Chaos Dominate, and Stalemate.
    • Similarly to Gav’s Eldar , the Necons may consider themselves to have both the Imperial Alliance and Chaos Alliance keyword for the duration of the campaign for picking relics, traits etc. During each game, the Eldar will take on the opposite keyword to what they are facing. Ie. Chaos when playing Imperials, Imperials when playing chaos.
    • This order has been written down and sealed, seen only by Gav’s Eldar, who must prevent this kind of stalemate from happening. Should they succeed the Necrons will pour water on the fires of belief in the system, stilling the warp and thwarting the Eldar’s plan.
  • A new crusade roster or a crusade roster with roughly 2~4ish games is preferred. 
    • Existing rosters with more than 5ish games may be played but must be at most 2 crusade points more than their opponent’s army for 1 phase of the campaign and 4 points in phase 2.  
  • Each roster will need to declare a Faith, name it and build at least 1 Idol on a 40mm base.
5 Idols of heretical cult, The True Imperium, Horus the betrayed saviour of man.
  • 40mm base size is a rough guide. You can go bigger and grander for your primary idol. If you do this keep in mind that it will need to be deployable and have a centre point that we can use to measure 40mm + aura range from.
    • Most missions use 2 idols, with the odd one pushing 4. If you like, you can go crazy and build a bunch of them. That said having 1 nice one and a bunch of 40mm objective markers also works pretty damn well and will net you some bonus warzone points.
    • Each player will have a faith they are pushing to be dominant in their faction and sector as a whole
PlayerAlliance – Main Army – Faith
BobImperium – Army of Faith
AndyImperium – Tau or Templar
JacobChaos – Fallen – ????
TylerChaos – Sons of Horus – The True Imperium (Dark Fervour)
GavEldar – Iyanden

Onwards to victory

There are three things at stake in the Crux system in this campaign. 

  • The fate of the Jai system and its major space lanes that lead from Imperial Nihilus to Sanctus, tracked by Strategic Points. These are changed by the planet’s level at the end of every phase.
  • The dominant faith of the Crux Stars, tracked by your Crusade Roster’s Faith points over all three phases. 
  • The hero/villain of the sector. Tracked by the amount total number of Warzone Points your roster accrues through the campaign across all three phases.

There are 3 warzones in the Jai System. Each planet has 5 levels of Strategic Points (SP) offered to each side. All planets start at the Contested level.

The Jai System Strategic Map
Planet/LevelWellesley XIEden IVŌtautahi
Chaos Held5 Chaos SP5 Chaos SP5 Chaos SP
Chaos Ascendant3 Chaos SP3 Chaos SP3 Chaos SP
Contested1 SP each1 SP each1 SP each
Imperial Ascendant3 Imperium SP3 Imperium SP3 Imperium SP
Imperium Held5 Imperium SP5 Imperium SP5 Imperium SP

Playing a game

  • When playing a game of 40k, Kill Team or Aeronautica Imperialis, both players will nominate a warzone.
    • If you both pick the same warzone, play that one!
    • If players pick different warzones, roll-off to see which warzone is played. 
      • If you are playing a non-Eldar faction:
        • If you lost your last roll-off, add +1
        • If you lost your last game, add +1
        • If you won your last kill team game add +1
        • If you lost your last 3 games, add +2
        • At the end of the game, you win the following Warzone Points. Send these to the campaign organiser for tallying. The organiser will track each world’s Warzone points for that phase. 
        • If the game is Chaos vs Chaos or Imperium vs Imperium, you score no warzone points but instead gain double faith points for winning that game.
  • At the end of each fortnight, the campaign organiser will tally up the results.
    • The winning alliance of each planet’s warzone will move that planet’s SP one level up or down. If they have double the score of the other alliance on that planet they may move it two levels instead. 
Kill TeamAeronauticaCombat PatrolIncursionStrike ForceOnslaught
Play a game111111
Draw a game111234
Win a game223456
Wars Of Faith mission packN/A N/A 1111
Used Warzone Abilities N/A N/A 1122
Win Legendary Mission N/A N/A 1122
Fully painted111122
Custom idol N/A N/A 1111

If you are playing a game using the Tempest Of War cards, roll on the following table before the game starts to determine the Crusade Victory Bonus:

D3 Crusade Victor Bonus Table – Tempest Of War Cards
1The victor can select two units from their army to be Marked for Greatness after the battle, instead of just 1.
2The victor of this mission gains 2 Requisition points after this battle, instead of just 1.
3After the battle, the victor can select one unit from their army that has a Crusade card (this must be a unit that can gain Battle Honours) — that unit gains a Battle Trait of your choice (make a note on the unit’s Crusade card and increase its Crusade points accordingly).

Winning the system

The fate of the sector:

At the end of the campaign with all the results applied, the faction with the highest strategic points wins. To find out the type of victory, subtract their strategic points value from the losing team. Unaligned Necrons have a specific arrangement of planets that they need to achieve to cause a ‘death of belief’ in the sector.

Points DifferenceEffectVictory Type
0The sector falls to a stalemate. Billions die in the name of Iyanden’s master plan. Stalemate, Massive Eldar Victory
1~4Victory in name only. Armed resistance runs riot and momentum is lost.Pyrrhic victory, Major Eldar victory
5~8A permanent foothold in the Crux at a high price, some raiding still occursMinor victory, Pyrrhic Eldar victory
9~11Spacelanes secured, all resistance destroyed. Your faith spreads unchecked.Major victory
12Spillover to the entire sector, hegemony over the entire Crux Stars all but assured…..Massive victory
Dominant faith

The crusade roster with the most faith points will become the dominant faith in the Jai system and be set to spill forth across the Crux Stars, altering the fates of billions and changing the course of history.

Warlord Supreme

The player with the most warzone points accrued will be hailed hero (or villain) of the campaign. This warlord of warlords name will ring out into the stars for centuries.

Relics Of The Jai System Wars

The relics below are from Warzone Vigilus: Rift War with a Crux-ian name/lore dress ups.

Imperial Alliance Relics

The Light Of Canoness Elma

This symbol of faith, blessed by Saint Elma herself, glows with a bright and holy light. When grasped, its light springs forth, finding the faithless and heretic alike, no matter where they hide.

Imperial Alliance model only. Once per battle, in your command phase, the bearer can use this Relic. If it does, until the start of your next Command phase, it gains the following ability:

The Light of Saint Elma (aura): While an enemy unit is within 9” of this model, each time an attack is made against that enemy unit, it does not receive the benefits of cover against that attack.

Sanctified Gan’da’mu Targeting Array

Despite months of campaigning, the Gan’da’mu are reluctant to understand the ‘miracles’ taking place in the Jai system, causing friction with local PDF forces. This stalemate was broken by a canny water caste member who realised that the Tau could “bless” the targeting arrays of the Imperial forces allied with them, while secretly upgrading the software, sighting mechanisms and refining, balancing the blades of the “faithful”.

These “sanctified” arrays caused havoc in chaos forces in the system. Vehicles and champions alike were gunned down by disturbingly accurate fire or cut down blades balanced to impossible edges. These enhancements and the efforts of the Gan’da’mu forced the Heretic Astartes to draw on the foulest of warp powers to bring some kind of balance to the conflict.

Imperial Alliance model only. In your command phase select one friendly unit within 6” of the bearer. Until the start of your next Command phase, each time that unit is selected to shoot or fight, you can re-roll one hit roll, you can re-roll one wound roll and you can re-roll one damage roll when resolving that unit’s attacks.

Ashes Of Chaplain Stefan’s Phalanx

There is no tougher warrior in the Crux than Chaplain Stefan of the Black Templars, who’s exploits of stamina while attached to Saint Elma’s forces became legendary in the Crux.

Chaplain Stefan’s right foot was blown apart by enemy fire early in the conflict while he single-handedly held back hordes of chaotic warriors, fighting on despite his injury. Each bone of his divine foot was recovered and turned into ash by the faithful that followed Elma’s crusade.

Phalanx by phalanx the ashes were handed out to the worthy, shielding them with Stefan’s immense faith and durability and lashing out with his fury.

Imperial Alliance model only. Once per turn, when a friendly unit within 6” of the bearer passes a Morale test, the bearer can use this Relic. If it does so, the closest enemy unit to the unit that passed the Morale test, if it is within in 9” of that unit, suffers 2D3 mortal wounds.

Chaos Alliance Relics

The Davidian Cross

Awarded by Imperator Davide himself, these crosses are made of melted down warblades of slain foes during the first Ellinikós war. Cross winners are unfathomable horrors that won glory on a scale that even Davide himself couldn’t claim to be his. In order to ensure his political supremacy, Davide therefore awards them a Davidian Cross, therefore smartly sidestepping their own achievements and making them his own.

Despite this trickery, the forces in the Crux quickly figured out that encountering a cross winner is to encounter death itself.

Chaos Alliance Model only. The bearer gains the following ability:

The Davidian Cross (aura): While an enemy unit is within 6” of the bearer:

  • Subtract 2 from the Leadership characteristic of models in that enemy unit.
  • Each time that enemy unit fail a Morale test,the bearer regains 1 lost wound (to a maximum of 3 regained wounds per phase).

Shards Of The Sanakht’s Atherstride Armour

The “Great Immutable but yet ever-changing Sanakht” claims to be the fastest Astartes alive, moving at impossible speed on the battlefield and unleashing the hell of the warp itself to his unsuspecting foes. Over the centuries his armour drowned in his warped time energy as he hunted arcana across the galaxy while casting evermore complex webs of trickery against his foes.

On the battlefield of Wellesley IX, Sanakht was finally caught by the brutish Kaytuk whose mace shattered Sanakht’s armour as the Thousand Son’s won victory over the Sons of Horus.

Shards of Sanakht’s armour were saved, each of them psychically charged with malignant warp energy, it became a mark of honour for each army’s artisans, warp smith’s or dark mechanicum members to enrich armour with the power of the shards, giving the armour’s a measure of Sanakht’s unnatural prescience like speed and hunger for warp charged energy.

Chaos Alliance model only.

  • The bearer has a 4+ invulnerable save.
  • Each time the bearer would lose a wound as the result of a mortal wound, roll one D6: on a 4+, that wound is not lost.
  • Each time the bearer suffers Perils of the Warp, subtract 1 from the number of mortal wounds suffered. (to a minimum of 1).

The Bloody Shroud Of Valkyrion

During the Jai system war, the Fallen Angel Valkyrion cut a bloody arc across the battlefield, slaying warlords, beasts and champions alike with his Heavenfall blade. With the tide turned against Chaos forces, Valkyrion pledged to Khorne in an effort to gain more power. He would then face the Emperor’s Champion of the crusade on Wellesley IX, defeating him in single combat.

A number of bloodied shrouds claimed to be covered in Valkyrion and the champion’s blood arose in the latter part of the Faith Wars. Each of them protected the bearers against the foul attacks of the enemy, allowing them to close with their opponents and defeat them in bloody, single combat.

Chaos Alliance model only. Once per battle, in your Command phase, the bearer can use this Relic. If it does, until the start of your next Command phase:

  • Each time an attack is made against the bearer, subtract 1 from that attacks’s hit roll and subtract 1 from that attacks’s wound roll.
  • Each time an attack is allocated to the bearer, subtract 1 from the Damage characteristic of that attack (to a minimum of 1).

Unaligned Faction Relics

The Spirit Armour of Sivis, The Joy Of Paradise

During the faith wars, the Eldar rediscovered this ancient suit of armour forged during the war of heaven for the heroic Eldar Sivis.

Known as the Joy Of Paradise, Sivis blended immense psychic might with being a warrior beyond comparison. This coupled with his quick wit and blissful demeanour frustrated the necrontyr beyond belief while reaped a bloody toll against them during the darkest days of the war

How Sivis was defeated was a mystery that spawned a thousand myths. Some say he fell against a mighty C’tan, others say he died during the birth of Slannesh or walked away from the depravity of the Drukhari or the overly ridged paths of the Asuryani. There is one common thread to all of these tales, his legend’s last moments have Sivis laughing, taking on death with the same spirit that he lived in life.

Found by his rumoured ancestor an Iyanden spritseer on Eden IV, Sivis’ rediscovered suit of armour remembers his exploits well, enhancing the suit’s new wearer’s abilities so they may live up to his name, greatly aiding Autarch Yranar and Farseer Ashenel’s secret war.

Eldar alliance model only.

  • The bearer has a 4+ invulnerable save.
  • Each time the bearer would lose a wound as the result of a mortal wound, roll one D6: on a 4+, that wound is not lost.
  • Each time the bearer suffers Perils of the Warp, subtract 1 from the number of mortal wounds suffered. (to a minimum of 1).

Wisdom of the Subordinate Minds

Before he became the flayer king, mighty Oltyx’s five ‘wise’ subminds saved his life on more than one occasion. Now contained in a scarab, they continue to disburse wisdom to those lucky enough to hear it, frequently saving the recipient’s life at the last possible moment.

Necron Alliance model only. Once per battle, in your Command phase, the bearer can use this Relic. If it does, until the start of your next Command phase:

  • Each time an attack is made against the bearer, subtract 1 from that attack’s hit roll and subtract 1 from that attack’s wound roll.
  • Each time an attack is allocated to the bearer, subtract 1 from the Damage characteristic of that attack (to a minimum of 1).

Optional Extra: Warzone Abilities

These are a bit unbalanced but are in the book. I cannot stress enough how optional they are. If they prove totally useable they will be tweaked.

Each warzone has a unique Warzone Ability that you can elect to use in your games:


Imperial World Class: Eta Tithe Grade: Decuma Extremis Production Grade: I-Tertius Aestimare: D1750

Ōtautahi’s warrior culture harkens back to the Age of Strife, famously resisting The Great Crusade for 3 months until a diplomatic solution was found at the cost of massive amounts of bloodshed on both sides. The hive world supplies workers and prospers off the bounty of Wellesley IX’s mining network.

Imperial Alliance:

Guided by the Ōtautahi warrior cult, your forces reach untold levels of fury and skill.

Once per turn when an Imperial Alliance unit within 6” of an enemy unit is selected to shoot or fight, each time a model in that unit makes an attack, you can re-roll the hit and wound roll. 

Chaos Alliance:

Bloodsoaked plains make for rampant fuel for warp based power, on Ōtautahi  Daemons claw at thin veil of reality seeking to reap mortal souls.

Once per turn, during the Chaos Alliance player’s command phase, that player can select one Imperial Alliance unit that is not within the Imperial Alliance deployment zone. Roll one d6, on a +2 apply the following effects:

  • That unit sufferers 1 mortal wound
  • Until the next Chaos Alliance command phase, that unit has -2 leadership. 

Wellesley XI

Imperial World Class: Delta Tau Tithe Grade: Solutio Particular Production Grade: I-Secundi Aestimare: B1300

The resource-rich mining world of Wellesley XI has been stripped mined and tunnelled for millennia. This greed has left it a planet of massive tectonic instability. Riven with Adamantium, a metal often used in conjunction with plasteel and ceramite to produce items that require incredible tensile strength, such as in the structure of power armour, Terminator Armour or the construction of Imperial Titans.

Tectonic Instability

If you are using this war zone ability, at the end of the Creating the Battlefield step, players should setup two sets of markers and number them 1-6 as shown on the map below. these are known as tectonic locations. Each player has 6 tectonic locations. Imperial players markers are blue, Chaos players red.

At the start of each battle round, the player who is taking the first turn rolls one D6. On a 5+, a tectonic event has been triggered. If a tectonic event is triggered, each player randomly determines one of their tectonic locations by rolling one D6. Once both tectonic locations have been determined, draw a line between those two points on the battlefield. For each unit this line passes over (excluding AIRCRAFT units):

  • That unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  • Until the start of the next battle round, halve the Move charactistic of the models in the unit.

Eden IV

Imperial World Class: Gamma Tithe Grade: Nil Production Grade: Nil Aestimare: A2500

The paradise world of Eden IV is one of the jewels in the Crux Star’s crown. A resort world of Imperial nobility and retired generals, it is, for the privileged few, one very few outright ‘nice’ places in the Imperium. Valued beyond measure by local aristocrats expect it to be fought for tooth and nail.

Imperial Alliance:

Desperate to protect the beauty of this world and more importantly, not be sent away from it, Imperial forces fight tooth and nail.

Each time a combat attrition test is taken for an Imperial Alliance unit, add 1 to that test.  

Chaos Alliance:

The forces of chaos seek to despoil this gem of a world and rob the Imperial leadership of their prized retirement world. 

Each time a Chaos Alliance unit makes an attack against a CHARACTER unit, add 1 to that attack’s hit roll. 

Campaign Progression

Round 1

Week 1

Holy War For The Jai System has kicked off, with forces repeatedly clashing on Eden IV and a skirmish on Ōtautahi.

Week 2

Round 2 Start

Week two had the Chaos forces finally take to the field in force, with League Of Imperium Veritas’s advance party, led by brutish Praetor Kaytuk launching a probing attack on Ōtautahi, which was brutally repulsed by the Gan’da’mu Of Bor’kan. Electing to then add to the slaughter on Eden IV, the Chaos Marines were then ravaged by the knights of House Macross. Imperator Davide, thoroughly unimpressed by these results had announced in a “powerful” speech to the entire League that he will personally take the field to rectify his second in command’s mistakes…

Over on Wellesley Xi, the Eldar of Iyanden’s seers received a vision of a still and silenced Jai system, with natural life being exterminated on a horrific scale by a bloodied, sliver reaper. Sending their scouts, the Eldar’s fears were confirmed, the old enemy had returned.

Necrontyr of Death Cult of Ithacus were slaughtering the population in droves. Striking with speed Autarch Yranar, well aware of the lessons learnt during the war in heaven, aggressively stuck out, hoping to break the Necron’s rigid command protocols. Instead, they were greeted by devolved beasts of blood and stolen flesh.

The Eldar paid for their mistake dearly and the Necron’s reaped a bloody toll. Flayed one’s feasted well on the corpses of Iyanden’s finest.

System-wide, the Imperium has fought well, securing their hold across the entire system. Time will tell if Davide’s reinforcements or the long-awaited entry of Fallen Angel Valkyrion’s forces will turn the tide. Or maybe the Eldar or Necron’s mysterious machinations will swing the balance of power…..

Round 2 Week 1

The weekend saw a flurry of activity in the Jai system.

The Fallen Order of the Shrouded Sword, led by Valkyrion “The Twice Scorned’ finally entered the conflict, deploying to the paradise world of Eden IV. Imperial Guard forces on Eden mustered a noble defence, relying on their heavy armour, however, the speed of the Fallen’s bikes and 10,000 years of experience won them the day. Time will tell if Valkyrion’s quest to expose the Lion and the Dark Angels is successful, but this triumphant entry into the Wars of Faith was a good start.

Imperator Davide personally took command of the Sons of Horus forces in the system. While he reaped a savage toll with his demonic chain blade, Sons of Horus forces were repelled by the Tau on Ōtautahi and the Necrons on Wellesley XI and fought the Army of Faith to a standstill on Eden IV.

Elsewhere on Eden Saint Elma’s Army of Faith clashed with the Death Cult of Ithacus. A savage fight erupted with the insane Necrons narrowly defeating the religious zealots. It is unknown at this time why the Necrontyr stuck against the Imperium on Eden, however, coupled with Valkyrion’s success Eden has swung towards Chaos control, the Imperium will need to push back hard here next week to maintain their grip on the system.

Round 2 Week 2 End State

Week 2 of the second round lived up to Week 1’s spicy level of activity.

The blood bath of Eden continued. The insane level of fighting scared the fields, once green to a bloody mess of trenches and muddy craters.

The stalemate broke between Elma’s crusade and Davide’s “true” Imperium with Chaos Space Marines locked in a hideous grinding brawl with Sortiais and fanatical templars. Both sides armed themselves with contempt, giving no quarter. Davide’s Land Raider, “The Chariot of the Gods” proved to be key, successfully battling Saint Elma and the leader of the Black Templars in a brutal slugging match.

The Sons of Horus revelled in their victory, proclaiming that someday Eden IV would be the home to the True Imperium’s first paradise world. Plans were drawn up of a parkland dedicated to the “… humble joy of Horus and his most loved and somehow even more humble son, Davide.”

In light of this Chaos victory and the perverse announcement that followed, the Macrossian Knights redeployed to Eden to shore up Imperial defences. It was in that moment that an unexpected party entered the war.

The Legion Of Dust took the field for the first time in the Crux Stars theatre. Exploding out the eastern warp rift passages Lord Sanakht assaulted an imperial facility on Eden guarded by the redeployed detachment of Imperial Knights.

The Knights responded aggressively, charging across the field to hold key defensive positions. Sanakht himself led the assault, launching a devastating psychic assault in concert with his fellow sorcerers, downing an Armiger with waves of psychic energy. The Scarab Occult, led by Menkaura, met the imperial charge in kind, laying waste to a second armiger with withering fire, and charging headlong into a third, dismantling it with a brutal assault.

The traitor Astartes then hunkered down. While initially caught by surprise Knights attempted to reposition and unleashed their guns into the Thousand Sons terminators, somehow against the odds, walking through the storm of fire Menkaura himself hacked apart a critically wounded armiger, and the remaining scarab occult terminators, despite their losses brought down the final Imperial Knight, a preceptor chassis.

With the Imperial forces in tatters and fleeing the field, the Breaker of Souls led his legion into the facility. What they claimed, and what effect it may have on the future of the Crux Stars, nobody knows, but it can only be assumed that the Thousand Sons Warband achieved their goals.

The Fallen also had their own agenda on Eden, the hunted Astartes fought a valiant stand against the brutal, rampaging firepower of the Tau. Despite their valour, the Tau were victorious, once again showing Imperial citizen’s their might and undoubtedly swaying more of them towards pledging themselves towards the greater good.

The Fallen rapidly retreated from dug in Tau on Eden and instead struck the sector capital of Ōtautahi, seeking to destabilise the system’s capital. The Army of Faith rallied the defenders who were buoyed by initial Imperial success on the planet. Coupled with the fiery zeal of Saint Elma’s preaching, a frothing storm of divine hatred towards any that shed from the Emperor’s light emerged on the planet.

However, the Fallen Angel Valkyrion was ready for this. Taking a massive risk he enshrewed the shadowy tactics of the Fallen and openly struck Elma’s forces. The Fallen fought with speed and courage, carrying the day and scoring a well-deserved victory against the Imperium.

Further afield, fresh off their victory Davdie’s Sons of Horus landed on Wellesley, pronouncing it part of the True Imperium. Taking personal issue with this rather benign statement the Necron Oltyx ordered the Necron cult of destruction, heavily tainted by the gift of Llandugor, to remedy this insult to his personal goals.

With blistering speed and ferocity, the destroyer cult caught the Chaos Marines by total surprise. The Heralds of Borakka tore from the ground on one flank, rending through loyalist marines, whilst Borakka himself took to the field leading two squads of Skorpekhs. Borakka reaped a bloody toll of Davide’s traitor guardsmen before being crushed by Warpsmith Svarog and Davide himself. His corpse was successfully translocated from the field, and it is unknown if he will return.

The Chaos forces, inspired by the example of Davide, countercharged the Necrons and engaged in a vicious melee, however despite bringing down a number of destroyers the surprise of the initial assault was too severe.

Oltyx himself oversaw the final retreat of the League forces, with the Ophydian Heralds of Borakka mercilessly cutting down fleeing Heretic Astartes. The Marshal’s Blades, a Skorpekh unit dedicated to Borakka attempted to avenge their lord and slay Davide. While the Necron’s grievously wounded him, the Imperator used his 10,000 years of experience of “managed retreats” to escape the field with the remnants of his forces.

In a stunning move, Davide elected to award Svarog greatly for his part in “the most sublime patrol and strike against the foul Necrons that was obviously successful and met all of our objectives” with a key bit of recovered archeotech, a powerful refactor field.

It is unknown what purpose the Necrons are pursuing at this time. They appear to strike at different planets in the cluster at random, leaving little but corpses in their wake, at locations that appear to have little strategic value. It remains to be seen what they are attempting to accomplish, however their assault on Wellesly appears to have prevented Davide’s forces from taking a critical an Imperial supply depot. It is unknown whether this is part of a larger Necron plan, or entirely incidental.

It appears that Chaos forces in the Jai system have finally found their feet. Eden IV moved back to a Contested, while Ōtautahi stalemated, remaining Imperial Ascendant. The Imperials did have success on Wellesley XI, moving it to Imperium Held.

Round 3 Start State
Round 3 Week 1

The Imperials hit back hard in week 3.

On Wellesley XI, The Sons of Horus and Fallen were crushed by Necrons.

Eden IV continued to be a blood bath, the Eldar showed their psychic might by slaughtering both Tau and Sons of Horus alike, seeking to keep the stalemate running.

Round 3 Week 1

Round 3 Week 2

Chaos forces where swept away in disarray, losing their merger gains on Eden IV.

On Eden IV, the Army of Faith continued its grinding stalemate against the Neo-Sons of Horus. Meanwhile, chaos forces traded blows with an interfaith war brewing on Ōtautahi. Rumour has it that this disagreement sprang up over the Emperor’s choice of Warmaster, 10,000 years prior….

After the conflict on Ōtautahi, faced with potentially losing the war for good, Sons of Horus and Fallen commanders battled for supremacy. In a disturbing reenactment of the Heresy, the legions clashed, fighting over who would dictate strategy to win the campaign back for their side.

Victorious over the Fallen, Davide elected to pursue a strategy of calling on their reserves and electing to prosecute a ‘tip of the spear campaign’, similar to what won his legion acclaim during the Great Crusade in hope that such tactics will turn the war on its head.

Round 4 start

On Eden, the Sons of Horus successfully pushed the Tau off a strong point, while on Big O, the Fallen took on the firey zealots of the Army of Faith. These victories could be a turning point in the campaign.

However, there was still much infighting in the Chaos ranks. On Wellesley IX, the Sons of Horus clashed with the Thousand Sons. Lord Sanakht’s warp trickery overcame the fury of Davide’s forces, taking a key Imperial supply point of the Ōtautahi 6th Super Heavy Armoured. This victory was dulled by Sanakht’s unstoppable speed meeting the immovable object that is Davide’s bodyguard, Praetor Kaytuk.

Ordos Malleus =][=’s report that their chamber militant’s Prognosticators have had visions of Chaos forces invading Wellesley IX in full force next week, provided that Imperial forces do not repel or redirect them to Eden or Big O.

Davide’s strategy of calling on their reserves and electing to prosecute a ‘tip of the spear campaign’ continues to catch the Imperials off balance. The presence of Ordos Malleus =][= Prognosticators will remove this effect next week. Time will tell if this strategy allows Chaos forces in the crux to push the Imperials back and save their campaign.

Game Effect:

  • Chaos players will receive +1 Requisition point for each game played in R4. This does not apply to Eldar/Necron forces playing for the Chaos faction. Note that you cannot use this rule to gain more than 2 Req for 1 game.
  • Chaos forces that kill the opposing warlord will score +3 warzone points in R4. Note that this applies to Necron and Eldar forces, should they be fighting as the chaos player this round.
Round 4 Week 2

Chaos forces continued to make gains using tip of the spear tactics and surging reinforcements.

Yet despite their forward progress, the servants of the great 4 continued to scrap amongst each other for dominance.

On Eden IV The Thousand Son Sorcerer Sanakht returned to war at the head of the Ashen Host, seeking to lay claim to a sacred relic of the Adeptus Ministorum currently held by the Fallen.

A savage battle rang out as the Thousand Sons drove the Fallen from the field, immediately after they began a foul ritual of desecration. Several spies managed to witness this event and return to their handlers, reporting that one of the Sorcerors bonded with an ancient relic of the Mechanicum, gifted to and blessed by the Adeptus Ministorum.

Shortly after this same sorcerer, swollen in stature and power was sighted aboard a warp touched Fellblade. It is not yet known when the Arcana Astartes will return to the field, but the thought of a warp tainted superheavy taking the fight to the Jai System is enough to still the hearts of even the bravest warriors.

The infighting was not yet over though.

As Imperial Prognosticators predicted, Chaos forces fell on Wellesley XI en mass. Davide’s fresh possessed reinforcements battled the Fallen for the right to desecrate the firmly Imperial held world. After a narrow victory, the Fallen began indoctrinating the planet on the lies of the traitorous Lion El’Jonson and the ‘true events’ of the Heresy while rasing perverse Khornate idols.

This drew the attention of the recently arrived Black Templar crusade of Chaplain Akket, whose Champion swore to slay Valkyrion in single combat.

Astartes met blade to blade in a desperate battle to maintain Imperial supremacy on the planet. The crusade’s Emperor’s Champion and Valkyrion meet in the centre of the battlefield. As they did strange silence fell.

Time stood still. The swordsmen saluted each other and charged.

After a swift back and forth, the Champion struck a blow that would surely slay the Fallen Astartes. Valkyrion, realising his folly called on the foul powers of Khrone to protect him against the killing strike.

At the last moment, the Black Sword turned from his heart, skittering off his breastplate. Seizing the opening Valkyron’s sword bit deep into the Templar. The loyalists quit the field, dragging the wounded Champion back to their lines and The Fallen where once again victorious.

Time will tell if using such powers or operating so brazenly in the open will have an adverse effect on the Fallen Angel and his forces.

Thanks to the intervention of Imperial =][= elements, the Chaos force’s advantages that proved to be critical for their success in the last few weeks of fighting have been naturalised. The stage is set for the endgame for the Jai system….

Round 5 Start
Round 5 Week 1

Fortune favoured chaos this week, with loyalist forces being pushed back heavily.

The Sons of Horus clashed against the Tau in a brutal fight of warp based thuggery against technological supremacy on Eden IV. The Heretical Astartes won the day thanks to Dolos Apate, a foul sorcerer and his band of processed Astartes, whose warp strength broke the tau line in Eden’s capital city.

Also on Eden, the Thousand Sons took to the field against the Chaplain Akket’s Crusade. Once again the power of the warp overcame more traditional methods of war, possibly indicating a dire potent of the Crux’s relative stability compared to the rest of the great rift being upended.

The Eldar and Necron’s competing but similar agendas brought them to Wellesley XI. The Eldar struck out against the Army of Faith, seeking to prolong a stalemate while the Necron’s marched on the Fallen. Both proved to be victorious, leading to a deadlock on the planet.

With Chaos gaining strong results on Eden, Ōtautahi and Wellesley XI should see the bulk of the fighting next week. Time will tell if the Imperium seeks to reinforce their strong position on Wellesley or to win back an advantage on Ōtautahi.

Histroy Of The Crux Stars

Pre Great Rift

Location of the Crux after the opening of the rift. Note the ‘stable’ warp corridor dubbed ‘The Strait Of Sealat Malaka’ named after the Rogue Trader Dynasty ‘The Malaka Sultanate’. The Straits start and end at the borders of the Crux.

There are many important places in the galaxy. 

Critical chokepoints for warp lanes. Strategic Redoubts. Hive worlds filled with trillions of the unwashed. For better or worse, pre great rift, The Crux Stars did not fit into this category. 

Located on the borders of the Eastern Fringe, The Crux Stars are a dense cluster of stars and planets. While resource-rich and filled with habitable planets, navigating in this sector is trying at the best of times, there are numerous dead zones of space, both in reality and the warp, created by conflicting gravity wells of its heavenly bodies, the mysterious pylons of the Ginan system and the neighbouring Ugalj Vreća nebula. The presence of so many stars in such a small area also washes the nearby planets with seasonal radiation waves and dreaded rad blasts and firestorms, commonly manifesting in mild radiation burns and slight bleaching of hair in the population of the sector.

The Imperium has maintained a presence here since the scouring, only briefly pushed off the Crux by chaotic forces during the 10th Black Crusade. Retaking the Crux, with its maze of warp routes, shipping lanes and pirate coves cost the Imperium dearly, with former Lord Admiral Zinovy Nebogatov’s reclamation fleet suffering dire losses.  

While resource-rich, the aforementioned drawbacks prohibit mass exploitation of the sector. Still, this allows its people some respite from the greater Imperium and as such its citizens of the Crux refer to themselves as “The lucky ones”. While psykers are exceedingly rare, luck and good fortune are not and the warp touched that do arise are of unusual power and ability. 

The ecology of the sector is also similarly wild, with rad resistant crops, cattle and strange wildlife in abundance, coupled with frequently raising Imperial Guard regiments locally known as ‘Diggers’, fed the Imperium’s insatiable hunger for both food and troops alike.

In late M37, A string of cunning (and corrupt) sector governors and bureaucrats has led to the Crux reducing its tithes and outside oversight to the bare minimum, allowing local forces to batter down the region’s pirate and Xenos raids. For just under 4 millennia, the Crux Stars have been relatively untouched by war when compared to their contemporaries.

This, like all things, changed when the great rift cut the galaxy in twain. 

Fighters scrambled over the fields of Cygnus, Mimosa system, Crux Sector during the opening of the rift, late M41, colourized.


Post Rift Crux and The Strait of Selat Malaka

The Rift Opens, War of the Khopesh and the Battle Of Shuyet

As with other places in the galaxy, the rift’s violent opening shattered the relative peace in the Crux. The sky was torn asunder, exploding into multicoloured light and then settling into a purple bruise sector-wide. Only on the Ginan system, with its so-called ‘cities of the dreamless’, did the sky remain blue.

Mimosa was immediately raided by a heretic Astartes force of League of Veritas Imperialis. Commanded by the foul heretic Astartes sorcerer Khonsu of Nerikare’s Immortals, they seized a season’s worth of grain stores and burned what they couldn’t take, before being driven off sector’s PDF, aided by a relief force of Sliver Scarabs Astartes lead by Lt Un-Amen that arrived in the weeks following the sector’s distress call. The two forces engaged in a game of cat and mouse, khopeshes clashed as each fleet attempted to use the winding realspace and warp routes to tilt the balance of power in their favour.

This game culminated in the decisive void battle of Shuyet. The Scrabs pushed the heretics back into the warp rift and the Astartes quickly made their leave, swearing to return in greater numbers should the need arise, declaring to all that the Crux was under their watch.

Despite this victory, the damage was done. The sector’s PDF and fleet are in tatters, its main food stores raided and communication with the wider imperium tenuous at best. As a whole the sector looked to the bruised sky and dimmed stars, waiting to see what nightmare would emerge.

Pic Capture Of The Battle Of Shuyet, Sliver Scrabs’ Clash With The Pure Draws To A Bloody Close

The Malaka Sultanate and the machination of the Asuryani

Sulantate briefing notes, M41

“The universe is tripartite: the sunlight of the material plane, the darkness of the spirit plane, and the twilight of the spaces betwixt the two.” – Eldar Spiritseer 

Proving their reputation of being lucky, the sector was ‘saved’ by the Rogue Trader dynasty of the Malaka Sultanate, they claimed that they had charted a course through the great rift and that the Crux sector was the lynchpin for it. The Sultanate offered a trade. They would hand over a map of the stable routes, along with enough food to feed the sector until the next harvest in exchange for a ‘fair tithe’ of all resources that followed through the newly christened ‘‘The Strait Of Sealat Malaka”

Little did the sector governor, Governor-General Corcrac, know that the Malaka Sultantate’s boons did not come from the skill of its navigators, his merchant captain’s tradecraft or “highly skilled and therefore, rather expensive” stellar cartographers but rather the Asuryani of Iyanden

Why they gave such a gift to the Sultanate is unknown at this time…

Plagues Of The Scourge Stars And The Pylons Of Ginan  

While the Crux does provide one of the few direct and safe passages to the Eastern Fringe, Mortiatian’s plague empire to the south in the Scourge Stars coupled with its proximity to the Tau Empire, Sautekh Dynasty of the Necrontyr and The Ork Empire of Charadon under Arch-Arsonist Snagrod to the east place both it and any aspiring general’s attempt to move troops from Imperium Sanctus to Nihilus in a tricky bind. 

The proximity of the Scourge Stars and the Nurgle Plagues and war hosts spewing from it should have doomed the Crux. At the behest of Typhus himself, the Bubonic Astartes sallied forth, heading north into the Tau Empire and towards the Crux itself, plagues ran before it, infecting worlds and weakening armies before the hosts struck.

However, it seemed that even Nurgles most horrific plagues could not gain a foothold in the Crux. Where treatment, immune-boosting vaccine and antiseptic failed in the south, medicares in the Crux, especially in the Ginan system found their traditional methods working soundly. 

Imperial investigators had no idea why this was the case, it wasn’t until they found agents of the Plague god attempting to take down the Pylons of Ginan that they stumbled onto what maybe the source of the Crux’s good fortune. A vicious battle in the shadows erupted, with the agents of the Imperium finding themselves stretched thin. They failed in the Hive City of the Unheard Song. Nurgle forces, supported by Astartes of Vastata Cibum, almost brought down a network of pylons on Molae’va’por only to be stopped by a force of Necrontyr of the Shinichirō dynasty, who sallied forth out of the previously impenetrable Ugalj Vreća nebula, situated to the south-east of the Crux. 

Located near the Crux, the Ugalj Vreća nebula is an impenetrable void to sensors in realspace and the warp alike. Where the rift breaks on the Crux like waves on the beach, it is as stagnant as a farm dam near the Ugalj. Two flickering stars stand like the gates to the nebula, hazed auspex readings say the suns are surrounded by metallic and noctilith rings. Many have crossed the gates to explore the nebula and plunder the Blackstone within. None have returned.

Over 60 million years ago, during the War Of Heaven, the Necrontyr made the pylons and it was now their mission to not only preserve them but to amplify them. Seeking to replicate the effects of the ‘stillness’ in the Pariah Nexus within the Nephilim Sub-sector. The Xenos poured energy into the long-dormant Blackstone. While the PDF attempted to repel this new threat, they were quickly demoralised by pylon’s insidious influence, leading to a total rout of local Imperial forces.

It was only the efforts of the Adeptus Astartes of the Swords of Davion that thwarted these efforts. Under the instruction of Inquisitor Scradden and command of Equerry Owain, Strike Force Reforger deployed to counter the Necron’s charging of the pylons and then tasked themselves with saving the populace.

Falling on the Necron’s guarding the pylons, the Astartes challenged all that approach them. As for the Necrontyr? It’s doubtful that Overlord as notorious as Akída Kathréftis of the brutal Shinichirō Dynasty will allow a 100 millennia old plan to unravel. Especially given that he was charged by the Silent King himself to carry it out. 


The Sound Of Silence

War For The Pylons Of Ginan

“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
– Unknown midshipman, 0146961.M02. Overheard utterings of this and other timeless statements are tallied daily by Imperial Commissars to gauge morale and general force disposition. Known as the ‘M score’ Commissars will work together to bring this number to an ‘acceptable limit’. Forces in the Ginan system are currently riding an all-time high M score, despite numerous beatings, mandatory heroic speeches, floggings and at least 3 summary executions.

While not as large or extensive as the Cadian network, the pylons of Ginan are definitely the source of the Crux’s resistance to the Great Rift. 

After a long and bloody campaign Swords of Davion fended off the machinations of Shinichirō Dynasty, seizing the Pylons of Ginan. Publicly the Davonic Astartes secure the pylons and remove the Necron influence supercharging their effects.

Privately the Astartes work with Inquisitors of the Sanguine Inquiro, balancing the heightened effects with maintaining the warp route, spirited away portions of the pylons back to Davion, seeking to establish a safer warp route to their besieged sector.

This would prove to be a mistake, while the Shinichirō Dynasty‘s initial success in overcharging the pylons allowed the Astartes to remove a portion for their own use, their haste to bring this boon back to their besieged homeworlds allowed a new small but stable warp route to from.

The route leads to the foul chaotic empire of The League Of Veritas Imperialis. It will only be a matter of time before the Heretic Astartes, led by Imperator Daivde finds this route and ignites a civil war on a scale the Crux has never seen before.

The Scrappers War

The Rock’in Raids Of Waaaaagh Snarltoof And The Fury Of The Lamenters

The Terror Jungles Of Derwin

During the battles of the Ginan System, a Savage Ork Rock n’ Waaagh broke warp. Fresh off their battles against the Spider of Mars, Waaagh Snarltoof’s fleet careened into Crux Stars breaking out of the warp in the Rubidea system.

The orks started to do what they did best, basing themselves out of the asteroid belt near Derwin they started a massive hunt for supplies. Snarltooth’s space hulk was powerful but had an insatiable thirst for fuel and the Orks had forgotten how to stop the hulk moving.

It was at this moment that Snarltooth’s Mek had an idea. They would simply crash the hulk into the nearest planet.

That planet happened to be Deathworld Derwin.

When local Imperial Guard are asked about dwarf planet Derwin, most describe it as a tropical hell world where nothing good can or will happen. It is a planet of insane humidity and heat, producing vicious megafauna and ugly fighting conditions. It also features an atmosphere that aggressively corrodes anything it touches.

Such a place is hell for Adeptus Mechanicus, yet they maintain sole rights over the world. This is because of the vast “Graveyard of the Fictus Aftokratoría” to the north. The site of a vast great crusade battlefield, where large elements of the XIIth Legionary fleet clashed with a doomed human empire that spurred the Emperor, it contains a treasure trove of pre-heresy, unwarp touched, refined battlefleet grade adamantium mined from the Jai system.

“Landing” on Derwin, Snarltoof set himself on raiding the graveyard and Mechanicus treasures. The mighty crash of the hulk unearthed also unearthed the bones of a mighty Gorkanaught. With the psyker weirdboy twins Chaz’rk and Dav’rk receiving visions from Gork himself or Mork, depending on what time of day you asked them, that Snarltoof would find greatness if he aided his Meks in repairing the Gorkanaught.

To do this Snarltoof needed scrap. A lot of scrap. More scrap than he had, so much so that he had to get his entire Warband to use *all* of their fingers and toes to count how many ‘scraps’ he would need. This still wasn’t enough. Grasping at straws, it was his soothsayer, weirdboy Dav’rk Bowie suggested that they use the hands and feet of dead imperials to help them count. After a solid 3 weeks of hunting down humies, this worked.

Despite the massive levels of bloodshed, this un-orky act of math enraged the Ork beyond belief, leading him to throttle Chaz’rk until Dav’rk said that there was a ton of scrap ‘over der’. ‘Over der’ was the outskirts of the Crux Stars, namely the Adeptus Mechanicus outpost of deathworld Derwin and the ship graveyard in orbit.

The Waaaagh swept the local forces aside, the Mechanicus outpost desperately called for aid and the Astartes of the Lamenters 7th Company answered. Led by noble Captain Lucien, this force of Astartes, fresh of crossing the Rubicon emass resisted the waaaagh with fury and bolter fire.

Astartes and Orks fought bloody battles over the moon, with Snarltooth losing a leg in the process. Enraged he lead his savage orks into a ‘great hunt’ and while he stuck out alone, hunting and taming the dreaded Bona Fortuna Aprum. Taking the beast as his mount and naming it “TEARER”, he proceeded to kill many of the Lamenters in a bloody rampage.

Refusing to bow down to the Orks superior numbers, the Lamenters clashed with the orks amongst the Mechanicus trade posts. Captian Lucien embroiled himself in the fighting but he found himself slipping into the Black Rage. Attempting to hide his affliction he withdrew from the fight he entrusted the young Lexicarnum Zadkiel to save Derwin. Zadkiel had found his stride during the conflict and focused on protecting the people rather than material, a move that infuriated sector command, the 7th performed well but with dire losses against the Waaggh, saving most of the sector but allowing Snarltoof to gain a critical amount of scrap for his project….

Death In Paradise

The Faith Wars

The Jai System

Forces of the Crux Sector, late 999.M41

“The local kroot sub-species have proved that they are not so stupid as they are usually considered to be. Each mob has its leader, always an enormous black-plumed xenos standing fully seven-feet high, who keeps watch while his fellows busy themselves with the wheat. At the first suspicious sign, he gives the signal, and dozens of heads stretch up out of the crop. A few kroot will carry out expert covering fire, while the others  start a headlong tactical  stampede for the scrub, the leader always remaining until his followers have reached safety.”

– Interrogator Dorkan  Ordos Xenos Minorus, journal on ‘Crux Stars Native Flora And  Fauna’ crcia M33. Known as E’moo to the locals, this xenos species has proved impossible to root out of the Crux stars, despite numerous Imperial campaigns to do so. Late M35, the Imperium, in a rare breakout of common sense and exasperation after an unsuccessful  2 millennia long war to evict the the E’moo, allowed the local Kroot to call the stars home, provided they wage no wars or raids on the Imperium. Since the accords,  Kroot are regularly inducted into the local PDF in times of need, as pictured above. Notably the E’moo rejected T’au diplomatic advances in late M39.

Strike Force Reforger

The Last Hope Of The Imperial Davionic Republics

Heraldry of SF: Reforger. The Swords of Davion’s chapter symbol occupy the main field, signifying that they make up the main force, the heraldry to the left is in order of precedence. Note the oversized banner of House Tokage. Let no one ever doubt the pride of an imperial knight household. 

To put it simply, when the rift opened, the Imperial Davonic Republics fell with the sector capital, Davion Primus, overrun in a matter of days.

While a great many worlds fell when the rift enveloped them or cut them off from all aid, the real story of Davion’s fall is slightly more nuanced. After all, surely 800 Astartes, coupled with the PDF, guard and god emperor knows what else surely could hold a single world? The true tale of this tragedy is best left for another tome. What matters is that the Astartes elected to evacuate the planet, buying time with their lives as they coordinated a mass airlift.

The Astartes fleet has transformed from a void battlegroup to a sprawling refugee fleet. It is here that Strike Force Reforger was born. Tasked with enlisting aid from the greater Imperium, Equerry Owain commands the military force to back the Royal Davionic House’s diplomatic efforts. On the other side of the coin, Kill Team Aggravain, fresh off their efforts in the Verdon system where they allegedly undermined an Imperial world to secure ‘The Asset’ plays a less public and darker role operating in support of the Strike Force’s attached Inquisitors of the Sanguine Inquiro.

Owain has a number of forces pledged to him. The 2nd company of the Swords of Davion along elements of the 1st, coupled with the logistical support of the forgeworld of Cenoff and Knight House Tokage, form the Davonic core of his military might. In addition, the Astartes seconded to the Davonic Royal Guard have joined his cause.

Outside of Davion, only the Lamenters have committed to Davion’s aid after the Swords provided a much-needed extraction for the Lamenters 9th company from the doomed Hellenia sector. Time will tell if others respond to Davion’s call for aid.

Reforger’s first mission is to find a way to stabilize the warp routes into the Davonic Republics. Following a lead on the Crux Star’s pylons on the Ginan system, they find themselves racing against the clock. Will they secure the pylons for further study and drive off any threats? Will they find themselves clashing with fellow Imperial forces that might seek to destroy them and deny them to the Necrontyr? Or will their greed and desperation plunge the Ginan system into a peerless silence?

Equerry Owain of the Swords of Davion 1st Company by Tyler “Coda” Moore

The Necron Menace of the Shinichirō Dynasty

Vale locus bospuer – Plunderer of the Solar Catacomb, Embodiment of Metalloglory, Subjugator of the Phloxos Hordes, He Who Spits Upon the Ancient Codes,  Prince-Thrall Of The Silent King, Overlord of the Shinichiro Dynasty, Gosunkugi.

Shinichirō necrontyr glyph, found on one of the pylons of Ginan. The glyph and others like it became active once Shinichirō Dynasty assets made their move on the planet. 

Imperial scholars, whether they hail from the Ordos Xenos, Oculus Imperia or otherwise suspect that the newly awakened Necron Dynasty of the Shinichirō have arrived at the Ginan system with a singular goal, that they will prosecute with the bloody, single-minded determination that would horrify even the most seasoned Adeptus Mechanicus Dominus. Imperial forces in the Crux, no matter their own personal objectives, fear that the Shinichriō will supercharge the stillness effect in the Ginan system. 

The reality is somewhat more complex. Dynasty Overlord Akída Kathréftis seeks out an incalculably rare and valuable canoptek intelligence known as K117 that is rumoured to have played a pivotal role in the War In Heaven. Tasked by the booming and awe-inspiring voice of the Silent King himself, this overlord seeks this object, rumoured to be located “….just a little bit over the left but not, you know, too far. Ah don’t worry, you will know when you see it.” of the primary Canoptek intelligence that controls the Pylons of Ginan

Plunderer of the Solar Catacomb, Embodiment of Metalloglory, Prince-Thrall Of The Silent King, Overlord of the Shinichiro Dynasty, Gosunkugi. by Beanith

Savage Ork Rock n’ Waaagh Snarltoof

The Savage Waaaagh seeking blue treasure

Snarltoof’s rise to warboss is as unconventional as his warband. An average ork yoof in a vast Goff waagh his rise to glory began when he saved the twin Ork weirdboys Chaz’rk, Dav’rk Owie and their rock troop.

Snarltoof’s waaaagh crossed into Crux Star’s northern outskirts shortly after the Shinichirō Dynasty‘s incursion to the south. Crashlanding into the deathworld of Derwin, Snarltoof began his ‘Da Biggest And Bestest Hunt’ to tame the local wildlife. His force quickly tamed the native grox population and ravaged the battlefleet grade adamantium stored in Derwin’s orbit.

The waaagh clashed heavily with the Lamenters 7th company, with Snarltoof himself losing a leg after a hellish fight against the Astartes. Seeking revenge he stuck out alone, hunting and taming the dreaded Bona Fortuna Aprum. Taking the beast as his mount and naming it “TEARER” the warboss savaged the sector looking for his next quest.

He would not have to look far, crashing into Derwin and finding the bones of an ancient gorkanaught, his twin weirdboy psykers Dav’rk and Chaz’rk Owie and their travelling ork band proclaimed it was a sign of gork’s favour, whipping the warband into a frenzied search for scrap to repair the stricken artifact.

Lamenters 7th Company

For those we cherish we die in glory!

It is said that every Astartes that lives with Sanguinius’ flaw dies three times. Once when they ascend to demi-god hood, again when they fall to the flaw and a final end as a member of the Death Company.

For the members of the Lamenters 7th company dying a mere three times would be a gift.

After the Badab War in 912.M41 the cursed founding chapter was sent on a one hundred year penitent crusade. Unable to recruit new members the chapter dwindled but the mighty 7th fought on. Their captain long dead in the Badab War, Battle-Brother Lucien, a vanguard veteran sergeant of noble bearing known as the ‘The Hammer Of Malvolion’ took charge of the company.

Lucien lead the tattered remains of the 7th well, distinguishing himself against Hive Fleet Kraken. He was a yellow bolt from the heavens, smashing monsters with thunderous blows from his thunder hammer with little heed to his own safety. Under his leadership, the 7th ruthlessly trained in bolter and blade.

It was during this time that the company answered the call to aid the Hellenia sector which was falling to the foul predations of the Heretic Astartes known as “Imperator Davide“. Working with the Swords of Davion, the 7th approached from the galactic west, while the Swords struck in near chapter strength to the south. The initial campaign was a success, pinning Davide into his self-proclaimed empire.

This would change when the rift opened. Faced with winning Hellenia or letting the Imperial Davonic Republics fall totally, the Swords of Davion left the campaign engines burning to the redline to return to their home with the 7th company tasked with holding back the coming storm.

Now Finding themselves trapped in the doomed Hellenia sector, with Davide’s forces advancing unchecked, swollen with rift born reinforcements, the 7th’s took grievous casualties, culminating with famed Epistolary Arakiel falling to close a demon gate ravaging the sector capital, leading to his grusom disfigurement at the hands of

Pinned by forces streaming from the gate and Davide’s fleet keeping Strike Crusier Seraph’s Light from extracting them, the 7th readied themselves to die protecting the small amount of faithful population left on Athenai II. It at the last possible moment when Strike Force Reforger broke though, while unable to save the planet, much less the sector, the force was determined to extract their abandoned allies and allow them to fight another day.

The company was in ruins, however, Reforger brought the gift of Primaris and the boons of the Indomitus crusade. Lucien would seize this with both hands, declaring that the entire company and it’s attached scout squads would submit to the Rubicon in order to rebuild it’s strength.

The company took casualties, with a number of brothers ruined to the point of being entombed into dreadnoughts but others emerged renewed. Stepping into Arakiel’s place was the untested Zadkiel and with no alternative, Luicen promoted the student to the rank of Lexicanium. Talented, young but haunted by his gift of foresight, Zadkiel saw his Captain’s final fate and resolved himself to prevent it at all costs.

With his company rebuilt Luicen plunged it into the defence of deathworld Derwin against the Orks of Waaagh Snarltoof.

Librarian Zadkiel, Lamenters 7th Company, late m41, Crux Stars. By Tyler ‘Coda’ Moore

The Fallen

Lt Un-AmenVale


The League of Imperial


Lt Un-AmenVale

Nerikare’s Immortals